At Due North Safaris the Husky is very much a part of the family and a visit to Lapland would not be complete without learning how to Mush with your very own dog sled team. All given times include any transfer time.

Husky Intro

On the Husky Intro we head to the farm either by bus or snowmobile. Meet the mushers and learn from them how everything works. Once we are all up to speed we will head out on a 9 km husky ride through pristine, snow-covered wilderness.
When we get back to the farm you will have a chance to ask all the questions you’ve been wondering about whilst we sit around a warm fire and enjoy some hot drinks and cookies.

Prices and Duration (By Snowmobile)

€211 per Adult sharing a snowmobile

€270 per Adult single drive (Snowmobile only)

€150 per child

4h / 30km by snowmobile and 9km husky ride

Prices and Duration (By Bus)

€180 per Adult sharing a sled

€132 per child

2,5h / 9km husky ride

1/2 Day Husky Adventure

Half a day bonding with your team as you mush through the wilderness.
You will arrive at the Husky farm and meet the mushers and after a brief lecture on how to control the sled, we meet the teams who are bursting and eager to run.
Off we go in single file behind the guide where we will get to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the nature around us. Half way there is a brief stop to allow a change of driver and then back to the farm. At the farm we get to sit in a warm cabin and grill sausages whilst listening to stories about the huskies.

Prices and Duration

€250 per Adult sharing a sled

€399 per Adult single drive

€184 per child

3,5h / 24km husky ride

1 Day as a Musher (On Request)

A full day husky safari in the northern wilderness.
Upon arriving at Husky Ranch Lapland you will meet your guide, Juho. After driving instructions, you are ready to meet your own team of 3 -4 well-trained Alaskan huskies! You will follow the guide one after the other out into the wilderness. At the halfway point it’s time to take a lunch break; first the dogs will get their well-deserved meaty snacks and then you get to enjoy a delicious lunch served near an open fire!
After the break, its time to head back to the kennels along the scenic route. When we get back you will have a chance to thank and say good-bye to your 4 legged team mates and maybe even have a little time for a hot chocolate at the ranch.

Prices and Duration

€Please request per Adult

6h / Approximately 50km

2 days mushing (On Request)

Two unforgettable days on a Husky adventure. You will mush through virgin forests and wide-open marsh lands with an eager team of Alaskan Huskies. Upon arrival at Husky Ranch there will be a briefing about what the coming days have in store for us and then it’s time to meet your own teams of 4-5 huskies and pack the sleds. When everything is ready we head out into the wilderness. For the next two days it’s just you, snow and the dogs!

We mush about 40km, through the Taiga Forest and across frozen marshlands and creeks. After 20km we take a short break for snack time, both for the dogs and us! We mush a few hours more before arriving at the overnight base. First we feed the dogs and then we heat up the cabin and prepare a dinner of delicious reindeer stew.

Starts with breakfast but of course, the dogs eat first, then it’s our turn. We have a long day of mushing ahead, 40-50 km in total. At the halfway mark we stop for lunch by an open fire then head back to the ranch where we say bye-bye to our furry teammates and enjoy a well deserved cup of hot chocolate.

Prices and Duration

€Please request per Adult

2Days / Approximately 85km

To take control of your own team of huskies you need to be 18 years and above. 
Children 2 years old and below are not allowed on any husky tours.
Children 2-12 will be passengers together with their parents.
Children 6 years old and below are not allowed on any husky tours longer than 9km.

Please don’t forget to take advantage of our Insurance waiver for only €25/Driver/Tour.