We have carefully tailored these packages to cater for almost everyones wishes. A little bit of everything.

Snowmobile Enthusiast

For the Snowmobile Enthusiast we have a package deal consisting of 3 of our more challenging tours, Akas 360°, 7 Fells Round and Swedish Frontier.
These 3 tours will flex your skills and endurance through out the week and will give you the ultimate snowmobiling experience.
First, Monday will be Yllas Apex which is the perfect opportunity to hone your skills for the coming tours. Thursday, you will head out on a longer full-day tour, 7 Fells Round, which will challenge your endurance in the most rewarding fashion and finally on Friday you you will cross the border to Sweden and try some deep powder riding on the Swedish Frontier.

All 3 tours for only €850 per Adult

Taste of Lapland

A Taste of Lapland is a package we have carefully planned and put together to give you a little taste of most things Lapland has to offer. Snowmobiling, huskies, snowshoes, Northern Lights, snow village and reindeer.
On Monday you start off by doing the husky intro by snowmobile, 30km snowmobiling and 9km on husky sled this will take a total of about 4hrs. On Tuesday you will go out on snowshoes looking for northern lights, On Wednesday you get to see the snow village and finish up with a hearty soup lunch and finally on Thursday, the Reindeer farm life by minibus where you will get to go for a short ride and interact with the reindeer.

Prices and Duration

€500 per Adult

€360 per child

Arctic Animals

For all the animal lovers, this is the perfect package for you. It includes 3 animal oriented tours, Half day husky (3,5hrs), Reindeer farm life (3hrs) and Icelandic horse ride (2,5hrs). You will be taken to all 3 excursions by minibus and the days of each tour will be decided according to availability at the time of booking.

Prices and Duration

€530 per Adult

€415 per child