At Due North Safaris we have a full range of trails to cover on one of our snowshoe safaris. Whether you are just looking for a gentle meander through the forests to take in the magnificent ‘postcard perfect’ scenery or are up for an energetic hike up one of the fells – we can accommodate you. All given times include any transfer time. Please note that the half day and full day trip destinations will be chosen by the guide on the day of the tour based on conditions.

Mystical Forest Walk

An easy and calming snowshoe walk through the mystical forest where most of the time, all you hear is your own foot steps as you trek over the snow covered forest floor. Majestic old pine trees draped with snow watch over as your guide leads you to a comfy spot to take a small coffee break.

Prices and Duration

€70 per Adult

€53 per child


Half day on snowshoes

Kesanki – Spirit of devils canyon
Spectacular view from the top of Kesanki. Enjoy the silence and the Lappish wilderness. Down we come along the deepest canyon in Yllas, Pirunkuru.
Includes: Reindeer sandwiches (or vegetarian), sausages, cloudberry cakes and hot drinks
Level: ***/ Distance: 6km
Kukas – Snowy sculpture trees
Untouched snowy forest and sculpture trees
are the highlights of this trip. Breathtaking
Includes: Reindeer sandwiches (or
vegetarian), cloudberry cakes and hot berry juice
Level: *** / Distance: 8 km
Akassaivo – Rocky gorge and holy place
Mystic rock by the lake is a holy place of sacrifice for the Sami. Surrounded by a deep gorge and snowy trees, we will prepare our lunch over the fire in a wilderness cabin.
Includes: Salmon soup (or vegetarian), lappish bread, cloudberry cakes and hot drinks
Level: ** / Distance: 4 km

Prices and Duration

€90 per Adult

€68 per child


Snowshoeing Daytrips

Lainio – Beautiful fell and absolutely worth exploring
Beautiful fell and absolutely worth it to explore. It’s a long way to reach the top, but satisfaction is guaranteed. The best of Lapland in all directions!
Level: **** / Distance: 13 km
Pyha – The silent fell
The northernmost and therefore the most remote of the seven fells. Enjoy the silence!
Level: **** / Distance: 13 km
Aakenus – Reindeer herders and wolves

Largest fell in Yllas with over 10 km of trail above the tree line. Find the old reindeer herders cabin for a cosy lunch break. Level:**** / Distance: 13 k

Prices and Duration

€125 per Adult

€94 per child

Approximately 7,5h 

Cross country skiing

For everyone who wants to try cross-country skiing and get instructions on how to get started. Easy terrain, no hills. (Classic style)

Prices and Duration

€90 per Adult

€68 per child


Northern-Light Wander

A calm and relaxed snowshoe walk under the night sky with the hope of seeing the spectacular phenomenon of the Northern-Lights, we will stop half way to make a fire and warm up some mehu (berry juice) so we can sit and hear some weird and wonderful mythical stories about the Northern-Lights.

Prices and Duration

€80 per Adult

€60 per child


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Lappish dinner in a wilderness hut

Far away – total silence and absolute darkness surrounds us. After a short walk we’ll find the most idyllic small cottage. Soon smoke is rising from the chimney and we start preparing our dinner. While watching the sky for Northern Lights we soak up the mystical atmosphere. Lappish dinner with local specialities is included.

Prices and Duration

(Min. 4 persons)

€130 per Adult

€98 per child